Asta’s Anchovie pasta … at Bosbokfontein Private Nature Reserve… part 2 of 3

Anchovies… please don’t let the BOTTLE of anchovies in this recipe scare you, it did scare me, but Asta from Iceland convinced me to keep an open mind….. it is a really delicious and perfect quick lunch after a long morning at the beach…

The beautiful Bosbokfontein beach..

The beautiful Bosbokfontein beach..

67. the beach

For a PDF recipe card click on this link -> 38.Asta’s Anchovie pasta……. RECIPE CARD

You will need:
+/- 4-6 zucchini’s
2 cloves of chopped garlic
one punnet red and yellow baby tomatoes
125g bottle of drained anchovies
+/- 3/4 cup olive oil
500g linguine pasta
big squeeze of lemon
fresh parsley
Grated parmesan

Roughly chop the zucchini’s and red and yellow tomatoes.

73. the beach

Very slowly warm the olive oil and drained anchovies in a saucepan over a very low heat, keep the temperature very low, all you want to do is dissolve the anchovies in the warm oil.

74. the beach

75. the beach

Flash fry the chopped garlic, zucchini and tomatoes, just a minute or two to retain the crunch of the zucchini and tomatoes.

Cook the pasta aldente… drain and immediately return the “wet and warm” pasta to the warm pot. Immediately add the warm anchovie oil and flash fried vegetables… stir through.

76. the beach

Serve the warm veggie and anchovie pasta on a pretty flat platter.


Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a hand full of chopped parsley, grated black pepper and grated parmesan.


And off to the beach we go again…

64. the beach

Chocolate Salami with a hint of mint…. at Bosbokfontein Private Nature Reserve…part 1 of 3

Delicious… a small dessert with a BIG presence… and the perfect little gift for when needed, stored in your freezer, wrapped and ready to go !

This was our second visit to the beautiful Bosbokfontein Private Nature Reserve…

What a view !!

What a view !!

We served the Chocolate Salami for an afternoon coffee treat, after a refreshing swim… sooooo let’s go to the beach..

80. the beach

49. the beach

51. the beach

Time to run up the hill for Coffee and Chocolate Salami…

53. the beach

I made the Chocolate Salami at home and kept it frozen until needed….. no need to defrost…

Click here for a printable PDF recipe card :-> Chocolate Salami with a hint of mint……. RECIPE CARD

You will need:

150g chopped dark chocolate
150g chopped fruit and nut chocolate
1 x box MINT chocolate Romany Cream biscuits
1/2 cup cream
2 x tablespoons Kahlua Liquor
1/2 cup roughly chopped pecan nuts
+/- 14 glaze cherries
Icing sugar for dusting
Grease proof paper
Pretty ribbon

Blitz the biscuits until very fine..


Slowly melt the chocolate and cream on a very low heat in a small saucepan, take off the heat as soon as the chocolate is melted.

melt chocolate

Add the fine chocolate biscuits to the melted chocolate and cream, add the Kahlua and chopped pecan nuts.


Let the chocolate mixture cool in the fridge… +/- 1 hour or until it is semi set and can be moulded into a roll. Cut a large piece of grease proof paper and dust with icing sugar.


Tip the semi set chocolate mixture onto the icing sugar dusted grease proof paper and mould it into a long cylinder shape. Place the cherries on top and press them halfway into the chocolate mixture.


Dust the top liberally with more icing sugar and fold the paper neatly over the roll. I then use a cut open cardboard roll (from glad wrap or foil) to keep the semi soft chocolate salami into share while setting it in the freezer for another hour. Use clothing pegs to keep the ends of the roll closed until more firmly set.



After the salami is set, remove the greased proof paper, it will be a bit sticky but ease it off with the tip of a knife, open another clean piece of paper, dust the paper again with icing sugar, add the salami and top with more icing sugar. This is like a second wrapping, and should be done before the salami is completely set. Once neatly rolled in clean icing dusted paper tie the ends with pretty ribbons, I usually cut the salami in half and have 2 smaller rolls.


Put the neatly wrapped salami’s into sip lock bags to prevent the paper from getting wet in the freezer, and keep until needed.


Cut straight from the freezer into +/- 4mm wide rings..

In Willem’s words to us.. “Mamma dis die lekkerste ding wat ek nog ooit geeet het”.

81. the beach

And then it was time for Asta to show the teenagers how to make “real” coffee… what a treat…. their first serious coffee experience overlooking the beautiful ocean, sipping strong coffee and eating minty chocolate salami…

Memories in the making for our children…

83. the beach

84. the beach

Time to get back to the puzzle… what we do at Bosbokfontein… (and a nice gift guests at Bosbokfontein can bring – a reminder for next time)

86. the beach

60. the beach

A little piece of heaven… thanks for the invite… a truly special feel good place…

Slow roasted deboned Pork Neck and Honey Butter apples…. at Rietfontein Private Nature Reserve… part 3 of 3

The quantities of the slow roasted pork below is just an indication as our afternoon “sundowner” vehicle was about to leave, and we literally had 5 minutes to get the pork in the oven.

100. riet

PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD -> 36. Deboned pork neck in Appletiser with honey butter apples …. RECIPE CARD

For the Slow Roasted Pork you would need: (for about 10 adults)
2 x large deboned pork necks (order from your butcher)
1 litre of Appletiser (sparking apple juice)
1 x savanna 330 ml (apple cider)
bay leaves
Fresh Thyme
salt and pepper

Rub the pork necks with salt and pepper and place them next to each other in a deep roasting tin. Add a combination of Appletiser and Cider to the roasting tin to fill it +/- 3cm’s deep. Add a couple of bay leaves and sprigs of Thyme.

97. riet

Cover the roasting tin with foil and cook at 160 – 170 degrees for +/- 2 hours or until tender. Turn the necks twice during cooking and top with more Appletiser if needed. Remove the foil once tender and roast a further 40 minutes until brown and the final juices reduced.

With the pork slowly roasting in the oven it was time to explore Rietfontein…

89. riet

83. riet

Rock paintings at Rietfontein...

Rock paintings at Rietfontein…

The delicious aromas of the slow roasting pork welcomed us home from our afternoon drive..


For the Honey Butter Apples you will need:
Apples peeled, cored and quartered
Butter for frying

Fry the apples in batches, covering the bottom of a large non stick frying pan. Add +/- 2 tablespoons of butter per layer / batch of apples, fry at a medium to high heat, the apples needs to brown and cook, be careful not to over cook the apples, test them with a sharp knife, and cook until “just”cooked… when the apples are nearly cooked add a squirt of honey, the honey will disappear into the apples.. be careful not to add too much honey, +/- 2 teaspoons per batch.

We had a BUCKET full of apples, and as Shannon said, she promise me they will all be eaten as she’s never had any leftovers of apples..

109. riet

73. riet

Ready to serve our slow roasted Pork Neck, Honey Butter apples, flash fried greens and cheesy risotto… mmmm just an ordinary Sunday evening meal…

110. riet

112. riet

Sunday evening at Rietfontein…

114. riet

Rietfontein… Karoo farm magic..

Quick chocolate fudge… at Rietfontein Private Nature Reserve…. part 2 of 3

As we all move towards less sugar and healthier lifestyles I find it more and more difficult to find dessert recipes that my guests will actually eat and enjoy…

So my thinking plan for the moment is to go “smaller” …. and only offer a couple of bites of sweetness, cut as small as possible….. and I have difficulty with this BUT to always offer JUST enough.. so that everyone yearns for more…

At Rietfontein we woke the house up to the smell of melting chocolate…

2. riet

You will need
4 x cups chopped dark chocolate
2 x tablespoons butter
1/2 x tin sweetened condensed milk (1 tin for truffle filling)
1 x teaspoon vanilla

Line a small size pan with grease proof paper, fold the edges neatly and flat and grease with spray and cook.

Melt the chopped chocolate and butter in a glass bowl hanging over a pot of just boiled water, taken off the stove. Make sure the glass bowl does not touch the water.


Once melted stir to incorporate the butter and add the condensed milk and vanilla.


Pour the chocolate mixture into the prepared pan and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.


While the chocolate sets we all went for a walk to explore the beautiful rocks at Rietfontein…

14. riet

Nothing like a bit of exercise before our long lazy lunch

Nothing like a bit of exercise before our long lazy lunch

39. riet

And then as we got to the top of the hill… we ran back to the house… bushman paintings can wait till tomorrow morning as now it is lunch and gin time!

After a delicious lunch on the Rietfontein front stoep it was time to cut the chocolate fudge… into small small little blocks…

57. riet

And then it was time to pull blankets and pillows outside for a much needed rest..

56. riet

To follow in part 3… Shannon’s slow roasted deboned pork neck and honey butter apples…

Creamy mascarpone, pesto and aubergine bake at Rietfontein Private Nature Reserve… Part 1 of 3

With a “ready to blog file” overflowing I need to jump right into it and preserve these recipes before they get lost…

Rietfontein.. as the directions read… drive down the main road of Matjiesfontein, at the end of the Main Road is a white gate, open, and continue to drive for 7 kilometres… a little piece of paradise in the middle of the Karoo…

Rietfontein Private Nature Reserve main house...

Rietfontein Private Nature Reserve main house…

As you enter the Rietfontein farm yard you realise… this is a one of a kind special place, looked after to the finest detail…

6. riet

4. riet

For a printable PDF recipe card click on this link: 34. Creamy pesto pasta aubergine bake……… RECIPE CARD

Start off by pouring everyone in the kitchen a nice glass of chilled wine..


For the Creamy Aubergine bake you will need:
1 x packet (500g) spiral or small size pasta7E0A5027
1 x tub (200g) pesto
1 x tub (250g) mascarpone
3 x large grated zucchini
6 x small aubergines
+/- 500g small red tomatoes
grated mozzarella, 3 hands full
finely grated parmesan.. 3 hands full

45. riet

We started by frying the sliced aubergine, batch by batch in a little bit of olive oil until browned on both sides.. put aside. Yes we did have a little fire in the kitchen, nothing to worry about.. and nope we did not put it out… we shouted.. where’s the camera??


After putting out the fire with a littttle splash of wine.. we could continue..

Cook the pasta in salted boiling water until just tender, drain and immediately add the tub of mascarpone to the very hot drained pasta, gently stir until the mascarpone is melted without breaking up the pasta spirals.

Add the tub of pesto and coarsely grated zucchini… the zucchini will melt away while baking and form part of the creamy texture of the baked dish.

47. riet

Season with salt and black pepper and spoon pasta mixture into an ovenproof dish pretty enough to grace your lunch table.

Scatter with a combination of mozzarella and grated parmesan and top with one layer of fried aubergine in one pretty overlapping layer.

48. riet

Top with halved baby tomatoes, cut side up and give it a light dusting of coarse salt and a sprinkle of finely grated parmesan.

Bake for +/- 45 minutes or until the cheese and tomatoes are lightly browned on the edges.

51. riet

And the difficult part… is to wait for lunch…

54. riet

53. riet
Lunch is served… at the oval table … with glasses filled with crisp cold wine and the early winter sun baking on our backs…

Life is good at Rietfontein…

And after lunch… maybe a little walk … or … lie down..

86. riet

To follow in part 2 of 4 … Easy Chocolate Fudge…

Nectarine salad with a lovely pear and rosemary dressing at Somersetgift Farm Getaway…. part of 3 of 3

I found the dressing recipe of this salad in BABEL… a visually beautiful cookbook with the most amasing dressing recipes… and to be honest I cannot really remember how I matched the nectarines with the pecorino and the dressing, it must have been from Pinterest visuals… but IT WORKS…

Start off by making the dressing.. it can be made in advance and will keep for up to a week or more if refrigerated..


Click on THIS link for the printable recipe card: 32. Nectarine and Pecorino salad with Rosemary and Pear Dressing ……. RECIPE CARD

For the Dressing…

Make in advance or early in the morning … it needs to cool down.
No 47. somerst
Simmer 2 peeled and cubed pears with a sprig of rosemary and 125ml white balsamic vinegar until the pears are soft.

Let it cool … remove the rosemary and liquidize… slowly add the juice of half a lemon, 125ml olive oil, 10 ml honey and 1 teaspoon smooth English mustard.

Early morning  cuddles...

Early morning cuddles…

Just by the way… think I should book Somersetgift Farm Getaway for another long weekend… such a beautiful complete relaxation spot…

Now for the salad..

No 26. somerset farm

Blanch the baby broccoli and mange tout… very important to instantly cool it under running cold water once done to retain the bright green colour.

Layer the baby salad leaves on a flat serving platter, top with baby broccoli, mange tout and just before serving add the avo slices, and nectarines. Pour over the dressing and add a hand full of finely grated Pecorino cheese.

No 27. somerset

This dressing is like a meal on it’s own, I can only imagine a platter of sliced avo, topped with dressing and some grated pecorino … if the nectarines are out of season.

Lunch was a laid back family affair…. memories in the making…

No 21. somersetIMG_7130

And after lunch… time to explore the farm…

No 50. somerset

No 51. somerset

No 53. somerset

Lunch at Somersetgift Farm Getaway…. magic moments..

Spinach and ricotta bake at Somerset Gift Farm Getaway… Part 2 of 3

As part of our Somerset Gift Farm lunch we made this delicious spinach and ricotta filo bake… something light and different that will compliment any lunch menu.

Click here for: 31. Spinach and ricotta filo bake……. RECIPE CARD

For the Spinach and Ricotta bake you will need:

350g ricotta
350g spinach
3/4 cup finely grated parmesan
200g feta
2 tablespoons finely grated lemon rind
1 XL Egg or 2 large eggs
Salt and pepper
1 roll filo sheets
2 cloves crushed garlic
melted butter for brushing the sheets

Place the ricotta and cooked drained spinach in a bowl and combine, add the finely grated parmesan and crumbed feta, mix in the egg, lemon rind and salt and pepper.

No 28. somerset

Melt the butter and add the 2 crushed cloves of garlic and brush each sheet with the butter before layering the pans.

2nd collage

Line a medium size tin or 2 smaller tins with buttered filo sheets, 3 x horizontal and 3 vertical, I cut the sheets with a scissor to “just” fit the pan. Measure the sheets long enough to have a overhang on both sides that is wide enough to form the top of the bake once the pan is filled.


Fill the filo lined tins with the ricotta and spinach mixture and flip over the filo overhang to form a neat parcel. Bake at 180 degrees until nicely browned and cooked. +/- 30 to 40 minutes. Remove from the oven and let it rest for 10 minutes, turn out onto a wire rack covered with grease proof paper and cool.


This ricotta and spinach loaf can be served luke warm or at room temperature, I would not refrigerate it before serving….


We sliced the loaf in +/- 2 cm slices and served it with our free range chicken pesto sosaties, baby potatoes and a delicious nectarine salad (to follow in part 3).


And after lunch…time for some rest and relaxation…

No 39. somerset

No 42. somerset

Somerset Gift Farm Getaway… a magical place to re-charge our batteries…

No 39a. somerset

Pesto chicken kebabs at Somerset Gift Farm Getaway….. part 1 of 3

Welcome to 2015 and the first of loads of new posts after my year of gathering new recipes and visiting beautiful places.

Let’s kick this year off with a 4 part post of Somerset Gift Farm Getaway… 16 km’s outside Swellendam on the foothills of the Langeberg Mountains. We booked Fish Eagle Lodge, which comes with 3 large on-suite bedrooms, a lovely open plan living / dining area and a near wrap-around covered veranda with outside braai. The house looks onto the towering Langeberg Mountain range that looks so close, that it feels as if it flips over your head.


Late afternoon view from the "stoep"...

Late afternoon view from the “stoep”…

We usually arrive late afternoon just in time to see “the light”… for a couple of seconds before the sun sets, it flouds the little valley and then complete darkness sets in…

Fish Eagle Lodge at night....

Fish Eagle Lodge at night….

Over the next 3 posts I will post our lunch menu recipes… it was a big family morning prepping and having fun … with me and my mom cooking, the kids fishing buckets full of small fish in the pond in front of the house and Liezel creating the most amasing crochet blanket…. happiness  ….




For the Pesto Chicken Kebabs you will need:
RECIPE CARD > click on this link30. Pesto chicken thigh fillet sosaties……. RECIPE CARD
2 deboned thigh fillets (Elgin Free Range of course) per kebab (chicken breast fillets can also be used but the thigh fillets are more tender)
3 small rosa tomatoes per kebab
Basil pesto, enough to “wet” the chicken pieces
Kebab sticks
Salt and Pepper


Cut each thigh fillet in 2 and marinade the cut chicken pieces for at least 2 hours in the Basil Pesto in a fridge.IMG_6431

Ouma Babsie giving a helping hand in the kitchen...

Ouma Babsie giving a helping hand in the kitchen…

Soak the skewers in water while the chicken marinades and skewer the kebabs alternating between the chicken pieces and rosa tomatoes. Jip this is a bit of a messy job so … deligate..

Braai the kebabs until “just” cooked and serve….

No 24. somerset


No 17. somerset

Do remember to “braai” the kebab’s until JUST cooked, you want them deliciously tender..


Serve with a slice of Spinach and Ricotta loaf (recipe following – part 2 of 4 ) and a Nectarine green salad with a yummy pear and rosemary dressing (part 3 of 4)….


And then we go fishing…

No 18. somerset

No 20. somerset

No 22. somerset

To follow… Part 2 of 4… Spinach and Ricotta loaf…


Birthday breakfast and Paradise found…

I feel innerly warmed to be called a friend of one supercool girl called Evelyn, and also sad that I could only spend one night at Seagull Cottage celebrating Evie’s 40th birthday.

The invite, ALWAYS very exciting receiving invites like this….

No 1. churchaven

Just one hour away from Cape Town lies this little piece of paradise… Churchhaven…. Seagull cottage…

No 3. churchhaven

Entering the Westcoast National Park, the views seems endless….

No 6. churchhaven

The Atlantic Ocean on the left, Westcoast National Park in the middle and the Langebaan lagoon on the right…

No 12. churchhaven

Seagull cottage, when I say Paradise found, I really mean it, ….. this cottage is not the normal “rental”, it is beautiful, a white sandy beach overlooking the Langebaan Lagoon, crisp white linen and fully equipped to the finest detail .

No 13. churchhaven

No 11. churchhaven

NO 9. churchhaven

Maya was in charge of supper and whipped up a quick “make yourself” pasta with a baked tomato,feta and oregano sauce…I just love the open plan kitchen where we cooked and laughed till early in the morning…

No 14. churchhaven

No 16. churchhaven

No 20. churchhaven

And tooooo quickly it was morning, and my turn to whip up a quick breakfast before I had to leave…

No 21. churchhaven

No 23. churchhaven

We started breakfast with a delicious seasonal fruit platter, served with thick Greek yoghurt, Blueberry coulis and drizzled honey…

For the Blueberry coulis simmer together 3 cups of fresh Blueberries and one cup of water, +/- 20 minutes. Drain / strain the cooked sauce, press out the juices from the cooked blueberries and push the juice through a strainer with the back of a spoon.. Discard the pips and skins…

Add 150ml sugar to the strained juice and simmer for another +/- 20 – 25 minutes until slightly thick, add 30 ml’s lemon juice and cool…

No 24. churchhaven

No 25. churchhaven

Breakfast views…. with pink Pelican’s walking the entire width of the white sandy beach in front of us…

No 29. churchhaven

Then it was time to whip out my “little crepe pan” …. which I take everywhere with me, and made omelettes filled with sweet red peppers and brown mushrooms….

No 30. churchhaven
No 31. churchhaven

And now it was time to go… I really did not want to leave… I did not even go for a walk on the beach as I just knew it would make it more difficult to leave everyone behind and hit the road…. I WILL go back to this cottage, hopefully for two nights and walk the beach….

No 32. churchhaven

Thanks for the most amasing fun time, thinking back my cheeks still hurt from laughing…

No 2. churchhaven

“hulle is goeie mense….” will never have the same meaning again…

Halfaampieskraal breakfast souffle…. Overberg at it’s best…

Not often that I am without words…. but the 24 hours spend at Halfaampieskraal was pure magic…. thanks needs to go to our hosts Jan-Georg and Cobus who went out of their way to wine and dine our group of eight, my seven supercool friends and the Magic of Halfaampieskraal. Luckily I’ve managed to convince Jan-Georg to demonstrate a “recipe” for my blog, and he was wise enough to suggest a breakfast treat, while the others were in dreamland early Sunday morning, I entered the inner soul of Halfaampies and Jan-Georg cooked… but first… some photies..

No 1. half

Our weekend was planned to the finest detail, a special invite for a special place….

Deep inside the Overberg over rolling hills of screaming yellow canola fields..




All good things starts with bubbles, and no Roadtrip is complete without a bottle or two, even if the wind blew our feathers all over the Overberg.

No 7. half

Waiting “on route” for our friends with our glasses filled, nearly Lunchtime …

Welcome, welcome to Halfaampieskraal, our host helped us unpack, yes one night only but we had loads of stuff, tripods, camera bags, bags with stuff for our dress up dinner, boxes of apples and and and…o yes, boxes of bubbles …

No 10. half

The best decision we made was to request a “light” lunch on arrival Saturday afternoon, ja right, I don’t think the word “light” exists at Halfaampies, it was a sensory overload, not sure if it was from the bubbles “on route” and bubbles pre, during and post lunch but I was on an euphoric high…..

LUNCH is served…on the stoep, overlooking the rolling hills… and our glasses, filled by Jan-Georg…

Layered potato salad, with soft soft leeks, light mayo dressing, sliced egg and caper berries...

Layered potato salad, with soft soft leeks, light mayo dressing, slices of egg and caper berries…

I will dream of soft soothing mayo leeks for nights to come…

No 13. half

Turkish bean, pg 82 of the beautiful coffee table cookbook, "halfaampies celebrates"...

Turkish beans, pg 82 of the beautiful coffee table cookbook, “halfaampies celebrates”…

NO 17. half

I love flags… flags everywhere…

No 12. half
No 18. half

Jan-Georg … making us feel truly welcome…

No 22. halfNo 20. half

And more lovely flags…

No 24. half

Lunch flowed into drinks on the stoep…. and a surprise early birthday cake for my good friend Evie…. served with coffee and bubbles…

Evie showed me a pic of this cake months ago... I don't forget...

Evie showed me a pic of this cake months ago… I don’t forget…

The main “excuse” for this quick one night away was a “photographic weekend”, well this is proof if it… I even took my camera to the loo for self portraits…(thanks Evie)…

No 30. half

No 35. half

Beautiful welcome letters and dinner menu on our bed.... how perfect can this be...

Beautiful welcome letters and dinner menu on our bed…. how perfect can this be…

Time to pack out those feathers and get dressed to fit the theme…. Dress Halfaampies…

NO 34. half

No 36. half

No 45. half


Magriet starting the evening on a high note...

Magriet starting the evening on a high note…

Dressed and ready for dinner… how special, dinner was for us eight only… a real feast…

And yes, we started with trays filled with yummy cocktails.

No 48. half

Dinner, it felt as if we were in a different world,…

No 53. half

Our starter... prawn parcels...

Our starter… prawn parcels…



Dinner for 8....

Dinner for 8….

Loads of fun..

Loads of fun..

Me and my good friend...

Me and my good friend…

And then… Dessert…

Halfaampies Velvet Pudding… a velvety baked custard with a thin layer of berry coulis, topped with a crispy but soft mallow meringue…

No 61. half


No 62. half

While the others dreamed of velvet pudding and brandy cocktails… I could not waste a minute in bed… the light of Halfaampies is calling..

Magic hour...

Magic hour…

My early morning walking companions.

My early morning walking companions.

LETS cook…

No 79. half

Entering the kitchen early morning while the others are still in dreamland was a bit of an “excitement wobble” in my life… according to me the ultimate highlight of our 24 hours at Halfaampies… all for myself!

NO 82. half

click on this recipe card for a one page printable PDF recipe card: ->Halfaampies Breakfast souffle…. RECIPE CARD
For the Halfaampies breakfast soufflé you will need:
NO 80. half
1 x roll phyllo pastry
some melted butter and a brush
grated parmesan +/- 1 cup
1 or 2 handfuls yellow sultanas
1 tub cream cheese (half plain, half blue)
2 Jumbo eggs at room temperature separated
on tablespoon flour
125ml cream
salt and pepper

No 84. half

Defrost the phyllo pastry in your fridge overnight, cover with a damp tea towel once opened. Layer a 20cm pie dish with layers of phyllo, lightly brush each sheet with melted butter before adding the next sheet. Use +/- 7 sheets. Fold the edges into the pan to create an even edge.

NO 85. half

Grate a +/-3 mm thick layer of parmesan on the top layer of phyllo, this will create a salty crust under the sultanas. Add a handful of yellow sultanas on top of the grated parmesan.

NO 87. half

In a separate bowl, mix the cream cheese, 2 egg yolks, tablespoon of flour, 125ml cream, salt and pepper.

NO 86. half

Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold into the cream cheese mixture. Add to the phyllo, parmesan and layered sultanas and bake at 180 degrees for +/- 20 – 25 minutes until light brown and still slightly wobbly on top when you take it out of the oven.

No 89. half

This recipe can be made with variations of salmon, spinach, bacon and flavoured cream cheese.

No 88. half

After my early morning walk and about an hour in the kitchen with Jan-Georg I think it is now time to go and shake that Princess out of bed and go for my second walk of the day…

No 90. half

Myself and “the princess” stayed in The Greek room, with our own open plan kitchen and upstairs puffy white bed and views from here to never end…from the bed, the bath, the loo, the side kitchen window AND the kitchen door…

No 91. halfNo 93. half

Breakfast is served !!

No 96. half
Being spoilt by Carol my “artist, potter, sculpture and photographer” friend, little bags of white lace pressed pottery Christmas tree decorations on our breakfast table…

Visuals from the Breakfast table...

Visuals from the Breakfast table…

No 95. half

No 100. half

Our breakfast soufflé …. the salty parmesan crust and sweet pop in your mouth yellow sultanas gives an unexpected taste sensation … served with crispy baked salty bacon and thyme flash fried rosa tomatoes…

No 99. half

Our breakfast companion…..

No 102. half

Sadly our food feast at Halfaampieskraal has come to an end…

No 103. half

Our hosts walked with us to help pack our cars… and treated us to a sneak peak at Club Havana…an intimate party or small wedding venue in a little shed on the “Halfaampies Werf”…. a shed from the outside, and a colour explosion on the inside, instantly transferring you to a different world, of feathers, fur and lashes… heavy velvet and music for the soul…THIS is the place to book for that intimate party….your friends will love you forever…


No 105. half

No 108. half

Me and my other special friend... Evie...(thanks for today's flowers, what a great surprise)

Me and my other special friend… Evie…(thanks for today’s flowers, what a great surprise)

Time for the road trip home, but not without stopping for a quick roll and group pic…

No 109. half

Halfaampieskraal, pure magic… book it NOW, take 4 couples, book lunch on the Saturday just after arrival, dress WILD for dinner and have a breakfast feast overlooking the rolling hills of The Overberg … and pleassssssssse invite me with…

No 114. half

In January 2014 I will book another weekend, with the same group of girls… I think this will become an annual affair…

Keep your eyes posted for the invite, and I will keep mine posted for the next Party invite at Club Havana…