Birthday breakfast and Paradise found…

I feel innerly warmed to be called a friend of one supercool girl called Evelyn, and also sad that I could only spend one night at Seagull Cottage celebrating Evie’s 40th birthday.

The invite, ALWAYS very exciting receiving invites like this….

No 1. churchaven

Just one hour away from Cape Town lies this little piece of paradise… Churchhaven…. Seagull cottage…

No 3. churchhaven

Entering the Westcoast National Park, the views seems endless….

No 6. churchhaven

The Atlantic Ocean on the left, Westcoast National Park in the middle and the Langebaan lagoon on the right…

No 12. churchhaven

Seagull cottage, when I say Paradise found, I really mean it, ….. this cottage is not the normal “rental”, it is beautiful, a white sandy beach overlooking the Langebaan Lagoon, crisp white linen and fully equipped to the finest detail .

No 13. churchhaven

No 11. churchhaven

NO 9. churchhaven

Maya was in charge of supper and whipped up a quick “make yourself” pasta with a baked tomato,feta and oregano sauce…I just love the open plan kitchen where we cooked and laughed till early in the morning…

No 14. churchhaven

No 16. churchhaven

No 20. churchhaven

And tooooo quickly it was morning, and my turn to whip up a quick breakfast before I had to leave…

No 21. churchhaven

No 23. churchhaven

We started breakfast with a delicious seasonal fruit platter, served with thick Greek yoghurt, Blueberry coulis and drizzled honey…

For the Blueberry coulis simmer together 3 cups of fresh Blueberries and one cup of water, +/- 20 minutes. Drain / strain the cooked sauce, press out the juices from the cooked blueberries and push the juice through a strainer with the back of a spoon.. Discard the pips and skins…

Add 150ml sugar to the strained juice and simmer for another +/- 20 – 25 minutes until slightly thick, add 30 ml’s lemon juice and cool…

No 24. churchhaven

No 25. churchhaven

Breakfast views…. with pink Pelican’s walking the entire width of the white sandy beach in front of us…

No 29. churchhaven

Then it was time to whip out my “little crepe pan” …. which I take everywhere with me, and made omelettes filled with sweet red peppers and brown mushrooms….

No 30. churchhaven
No 31. churchhaven

And now it was time to go… I really did not want to leave… I did not even go for a walk on the beach as I just knew it would make it more difficult to leave everyone behind and hit the road…. I WILL go back to this cottage, hopefully for two nights and walk the beach….

No 32. churchhaven

Thanks for the most amasing fun time, thinking back my cheeks still hurt from laughing…

No 2. churchhaven

“hulle is goeie mense….” will never have the same meaning again…

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