Christmas inspiration….

Surprise your friends with a beautiful invite to an early “Christmas celebration with friends”. I wish I have the time to do this every year, the fun of planning an “early” Christmas Dinner is nearly more exciting to me than the dinner itself….

Flashy fab invites, dress up, the garden filled with tiny fairy lights…. and good friends…

A tray filled with shotglasses full of baberton daisies… one per place setting..

Christmas should be RED….

The table under the tree…

The weather…. WILL play along…. (lets hope)


Fill the table with homemade menu’s, nametags, individual flowers, small gifts…..

I love looooong tables, this one should have been longer… with white flowing tablecloths.

Plan, plan plan ahead.

The very important “drinks table”…

And go all out for your friends….

As this night they will remember and always be thankful for being on the “invite list”…

Fill the garden with brown paper bags, filled with sand and candles..

And friends will chat the night away…

Thanks to Liezel for taking the pics for me, as I was running around to get the well planned 5 course dinner on the table….

I LOVE Christmas.

SO, there’s more than enough time to plan your “early Christmas Dinner for friends” this year, they will love you for doing it.

And pleasssssse invite me too.

Christmas tree biscuits and burger lollies……

I love Christmas, and what better way to start the Christmas spirit by baking these beautiful Christmas tree biscuits with the kids…. I think Emma will bake and ice biscuits every day till Christmas if I allow her to.

This was the second year that we’ve iced Christmas Tree biscuits, and I think it will become an annual event for the first weekend in November, I am not sure who was the most excited about this years “icing”, me or Emma, she wanted to invite her whole class from school.

Bake basic sweet sugar biscuits from your favourite recipe or use the following recipe:
250g butter
1 cup castor sugar
2 eggs
2.5ml vanilla
2 cups flour

Cream the butter and sugar, add the eggs and vanilla, and mix well.
Add the sifted flour and salt. Mix and cover with cling wrap. Rest for 1 hour in a cool area.

Dust the table and rolling pin with flour and roll the dough until +/- 4mm thick. Cut the shapes with pretty Christmas cutters.
Bake in a preheated oven for 15 minutes on baking paper. Remove from oven, the biscuits will still feel soft to the touch, let it cool.

The Rust and De Villiers families joined us this year, thanks to Caroline for baking “extra” biscuits as you can never have enough….

I lined the table with baking paper, and added little bowls of “anything I could find in my cupboard” for decoration, including edible glitter which will sparkle on the Christmas Tree.

Gifts from my guests…

Yummy messssss

Everyone got into it, even the adults…

Ari licked till right at the end, I think if I send the roll of waxed paper home with her she would have licked it clean by the next morning….

I love these lollipop burgers, ideal “make ahead” to braai quickly after the biscuit icing marathon….. Thanks to Magriet Cherry for this clever idea, originally served with pita breads…

Lollipop burgers…

It does not matter HOW busy I am, there will always be dessert….. I think I am in love with this flat lemon cheesecake from Donna Hay….. and make it whenever I can

I am sure the kids will dream tonight of Christmas and biscuits sparkling full of glitter on the Christmas tree.

Sweet dreams little Emma…

Now the BIG job start of packing out and decorating this year’s Christmas Tree….