With 6 days to go before Christmas it is time to start wrapping those gifts…

Now is the time to get creative and start wrapping those gifts….

This year I’ve decided to keep the gift wrapping simple, a strong brown kraft paper and a red ribbon. Emma on the otherhand had different ideas and asked if she can do potato stamping on the gifts.

I usually cut the potato stamps freehand, but with a kitchen full of Christmas biscuit cutters I’ve tried to press the design of the biscuit cutter onto the potato and it worked so well that i will never do it differently.

Use Large potatoes, put the potato on a flat surface and slice off the top of the potato to expose as much “flesh” as possible. Select a cutter that fits onto the potato and firmly press the cutter into the potato as far as possible. Remove the cutter and with a small knife carefully cut away the potato around the pressed design. We’ve used white paint and stamped the designs onto the already wrapped gifts.. What fun and it only took about 30 minutes for me to cut and Emma to stamp all of the gifts.

No 1b. aartappeldruk

No 3. aartappeldruk

No 2. aartappeldruk

No 5. aartappeldruk

No 1a. aartappeldruk

No 8. aartappeldruk

Now the waiting starts… I LOVE Christmas!

Christmas inspiration….

Surprise your friends with a beautiful invite to an early “Christmas celebration with friends”. I wish I have the time to do this every year, the fun of planning an “early” Christmas Dinner is nearly more exciting to me than the dinner itself….

Flashy fab invites, dress up, the garden filled with tiny fairy lights…. and good friends…

A tray filled with shotglasses full of baberton daisies… one per place setting..

Christmas should be RED….

The table under the tree…

The weather…. WILL play along…. (lets hope)


Fill the table with homemade menu’s, nametags, individual flowers, small gifts…..

I love looooong tables, this one should have been longer… with white flowing tablecloths.

Plan, plan plan ahead.

The very important “drinks table”…

And go all out for your friends….

As this night they will remember and always be thankful for being on the “invite list”…

Fill the garden with brown paper bags, filled with sand and candles..

And friends will chat the night away…

Thanks to Liezel for taking the pics for me, as I was running around to get the well planned 5 course dinner on the table….

I LOVE Christmas.

SO, there’s more than enough time to plan your “early Christmas Dinner for friends” this year, they will love you for doing it.

And pleasssssse invite me too.