Ginger and Coconut prawns served with Italian black rice ….. part 3 of 5 at Nieuview, Paternoster


But before lunch, it was “gift time”, and this time i was ready for them, with a packed “gift box” per couple, see Shannon and Evie “tucking” into their giftboxes ….. never a dull moment, and i cannot tell you how much fun I’ve had during the months leading up to this weekend, planning and searching for little things to add the their “surprise” boxes….

Shannon tucking into her goodie box…

And Evie, it is nearly lunchtime, put that box away now…

Evie and her gift box… sorry Evie i would have loved to add a lens or 2, but the budget did not allow it…

Lunch was on Evie , they served Ginger and Coconut Prawns with Italian Black rice and a green salad….

For the Ginger and Coconut Prawns you will need:
1 box of prawns, medium size
2 tbs Coconut oil (available at health shops, Spar or Pick & Pay)
2 tbs Chilly Jam or Hot Sweet Chilly
1 medium root of fresh ginger
125 ml soya sauce
a couple of spring onions

Chop spring onions and fry lightly, add grated ginger, chilly jam and soya sauce. Fry the prawns in the coconut oil until pink and add the sauce, stir through….

For the Italian Black Rice (riso Venere) you will need.

1 cup black rice (carried in Evie’s backpack all the way from Italy)
3 discs feta cheese
spring onions
1 punnet baby tomatoes
100g capers
extra virgin olive oil

Cook the black rice in rapid boiling water for 30 – 40 minutes. Drain and add the chopped tomatoes, cubed feta, spring onions, and capers. Drizzle generously with olive oil and add Maldon salt and black pepper…

riso Venere….

Time for a quick swim before lunch…

Our “chef” of the day….

She added a quick green salad with rocket, shavings of parmesan and olive oil and lunch was served….

A quick green salad…

And after lunch it was time for us to start playing with our cameras…

Thanks for lunch Evie…

Magic on the beach…

And the camera fun did not end, it continued with the “wide angle long leg lens” in the panty bar later the evening….

Albert, the new barman at the panty bar in Paternoster …

Time to go to bed as tomorrow I will be 40!… and I have lots planned including an early morning “surprise outing” to sea….

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