Mango and Raspberry skewers….. part 2 of 5 at Nieuview, Paternoster

Waking up on Saturday morning, hearing someone busy in the kitchen, and this is the view from the front stoep……

The view from our stoep at Nieuview, Paternoster…

How decadent to have a “starter” to our Breakfast…

For the Mango and Raspberry skewers you will need:

Firm but ripe Mango’s
Medium length sosatie sticks
A little bit of lemon juice

Skewer cubes of mango and raspberries, drizzle with a little bit of lemon juice.

The breakfast table…. thanks Shannon, Evie and Issie

Serve with ICE COLD Genevieve MCC, a match made in heaven…

ICE COLD Genevieve MCC…

And then, being surprised by some “early morning” gifts before Breakfast, and it is not even my Birthday yet…

Very special “one day in advance” gifts, feeling very spoil by my friends…matching PJ’s, thanks EVIE

And now it is BREAKFAST time, and guess what’s on the menu, obviously Eggs Benedict “with bacon”…. this recipe will follow at a later stage, it deserves a “special” spot on the blog….

Eggs Benedict, as Shannon knows, this was just one of several things that made this weekend extra special…

Wonder what’s for lunch Evie??

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