Harvest Dinner with an Olympic twist…

Elgin Orchards, where I’ve worked and lived for the last 16 years.

Elgin Orchards, a farm in the beautifull Elgin / Grabouw Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa, the farm produce Apples, Pears, Kiwis, Wine Grapes and pack apples, pears and Kiwi’s for various local and international markets.

Once a year, after the harvest and main packing season we celebrate the Harvest with our Annual Harvest Dinner, the guests usually includes core staff members, contract growers and consultants. This year the Harvest Dinner had an Olympic twist, as it was held during the 2012 Olympics, we’ve even switched on the “big screen” and cheered for our swimmers halfway through the dinner.

This year the 2012 Harvest Dinner was held at Bodemloos Kombuis, a super stunning small and personal function venue, where NOTHING is impossible…. thanks to Maryke.

I LOVE the fact that a “work related” function can bring me such joy….

2 thoughts on “Harvest Dinner with an Olympic twist…

  1. Carol Bradley says:

    Stunning !!

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