Flapjacks and the Rhino art with a heart platter….

On Friday evening we’ve had the Applewood Preparatory School’s auction in aid of “CONSERVING THE RHINO’S of OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY”. The School Art auctions are usually a bit of a “support and buy your own child’s art” fundraiser, but this year, the Rhino Art was really amasing thanks to a very dedicated Art Teacher, Tina Beaumont.

Emma’s class made beautiful platters and I just knew that I had to get my hand’s on one of them, as mmmm yes, I could see the yellow golden flapjacks displayed on it for Saturday morning’s breakfast…..

For the soft warm and golden flapjacks you will need:
2 eggs
250 ml milk
125 ml sugar
500ml or 2 cups of cake flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
pinch of salt
2 tablespoons butter
oil for frying
Blueberries, honey, or grated cheddar cheese

Mix the eggs and sugar, then add the milk and butter and mix well. Add the sifted flour, baking powder and salt, at this point don’t overmix, just mix until combined.

Add +/- 4 tablespoons of oil to the pan and fry tablespoons full of batter to form perfect flapjacks. Once in the pan I like to add 3 x frozen blueberries on top of each flapjack, better to keep the blueberries frozen, then they don’t go too soggy while frying. The pan needs to be warm but I like to fry them over a medium heat, it takes a bit longer but they need to be cooked inside and still light brown….

Click on the “recipe card” below for a printable PDF short recipe card.

Serve warm with syrup, honey, cheese or just plain….

Keep any leftover batter in the fridge, cover with clingwrap, and on Sunday morning give it a good mix, add a little bit of milk to loosen the batter and let the smell of sweet flapjacks wake your family to a beautiful morning like right now….

Art in aid of “Rhino art with a heart…” by Abby Green

Thanks again to Tina Beaumont for organising this wonderful and very successful Rhino fundraising event…

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