Mediterranean skewers….. Let’s cook for 50 at a good friend’s 50th… Part 2 of 9

The Mediterranean skewers was on one of the “moodboards” I made for Shannon, it said at the bottom …….. “I don’t want you to feel you HAVE to use any of the ideas on the moodboards, I just want to get your brain going on something that might spark an idea you might like….” the skewers made it all the way to our lunch table…

Storyboard 1
(click on “storyboard-1” for a Microsoft Office Word version of one of the pre party storyboard/moodboards..)

We decided to serve “hand starters”, easier to get everyone to mingle….

For starters we served…
Smoked Salmon mousse served in espresso cups with cheese straws
Mediterranean skewers drizzled with a Red Wine vinegar reduction

The “birthday boy” busy busy busy, 2 hours before the guests arrive…

For the Mediterranean skewers you will need:
Medium length “sosatie” sticks
Green olives
Mozzarella blocks
Small Rosa tomatoes
Artichokes cut into small pieces
Red olives

Skewer one of each on the “sosatie” sticks and drizzle with reduced Red Wine vinegar reduction.

Skewer them all in the same pattern….

For the Red Wine vinegar reduction….
Boil together 125ml Red Wine vinegar and 60ml brown sugar, until slightly thick and reduced, remember it will thicken as it cools down.

We also served

Smoked salmon mousse in espresso cups… served with cheese straws.

The mousse was prepared the night before and the skewers about 3 hours before the lunch…. this gave us enough time to focus on the main meal…

The guests….

Time to start decorating the lunch table with visual appealing platters of yummy lunch…..

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