A 40’th girly breakfast feast….

I’ve decided earlier this year NOT to have a big 40th Birthday party, but to rather go away for a long weekend (Paternoster Birthday weekend to follow on the blog a bit later).

Shannon on the otherhand had other ideas, as you will see in the pics to follow, not a lot of words needed here, i will let the pics speak for themselves.

Me and my “mystery” speaker…

I know my limitations and asked a friend to make my speach….. the best decision ever, I wrote it and Lee did a brilliant job of making the speach on my behalf, with all the emotion and laughs added…. thanks Lee, listening to my own speach was one of several highlights of the day, so glad I’ve managed to convince you to do it.

Table decor by “the princess” ….

The table set for a real girly breakfast feast..

Beautifull pic by “Carol Bradley”

I am lucky enough to have 3 friends that’s as happy snappy crazy about photography as myself, thanks for all the pics girls, I had 2000 pictures of this special day in my life, I knew I could completely relax as every moment would be captured for me, ….. that by itself was a huge gift..

The start of the breakfast starter… by my fellow blog partner… Shannon… or sometimes referred to as “the princess”

The princess at work…. doing what she does best….

I think Shannon aged a couple of years in the days building up to the breakfast, she is such a special friend, i know she wanted it to be perfect, and i know that is very stressful, Shannon, you know how much this meant to me, you are a truly special friend….

The Breakfast starter…

Thanks Evie…

Gifts galore, feeling VERY spoilt…

Carol you know what makes me happy…

VERY spoilt…

I had to think twice about posting this one, but i think it really captures the true emotion of the day…

The surprises just never stopped, a beautifull birthday cake by “Janis Viljoen”, thanks Shannon, Issie and Evie…..

These cakes by “Janis” don’t only look pretty, they tastes like heaven..

The biggest and nicest birthday cake I’ve ever had…

My speach, thanks Lee….

Me, enjoying my own speach, thanks to Lee

Lots and lots and lots of bubbles consumed…

My very special friend, how do i thank you ….

Shannon, this is what makes life extra special, ….. to have friends that gives their ALL and more for you…..

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