Big boy’s Birthday surprise!

This blog is not only about recipes and photography, it is about ideas i like and inspirational people in my life. Evelyn is one of those creative, inspirational, artistic friends….. when she plans a party, it will be different and as we can see in this “Big boy’s Birthday surprise” post, a great idea does not always have to cost a lot, it is the IDEA that counts, the different’ness from the rest….

About a year ago, Evelyn told me that she want’s to surprise her husband and his cycling friends with a picnic high up in the mountains… when Evie wants to do something, she makes it happen, and what better time to do it on the morning of Albert’s birthday. The friends who went cycling with Albert on his Birthday got more than what they bargained for, and Albert got a “new bike” from his friends and family about 5 minutes before the start of the ride.

I assume I don’t have to say how much fun me and Evie had, rushing up the mountain, getting the table ready before the first cyclists arrive at “the spot” we told them to cycle past…

Luckily we were very high up and could see them coming from far…

A quick stretch by the “Dr” on hand….

Let me tell you these guys could not believe their luck, i am sure they all thought that they also want a “birthday, cycle, picnic surprise” for their birthdays…. Evie, please keep these ideas coming, it is THAT DIFFERENT IDEA and the little bit of extra effort that makes memories forever like this one surely will be….

One thought on “Big boy’s Birthday surprise!

  1. Evelyn Rust says:

    Dit was soveel fun! Daars lekker baie verjaardae wat nou opkom!

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