Burgers with a twist…

When starting this blog, I knew this will be one of the recipes that i need to post… It is a combination of a “meatball” recipe from Ilse and a Hamburger with a bit of a twist that I’ve ordered years ago in Greyton…..

For the Hamburger Patties you will need:

+/- 800 g of extra lean mince
1 packet of brown onion soup mixture
1 small tub of plain or bulgarian yoghurt
and one egg
15 ml of meat marinade per pattie (I use lappies sauce available at Spar)

Mix all the ingredients together except the marinade, and form round slightly smaller than tennisball size balls, pressed slightly down to form nice thick patties, bake the patties in the oven on 180 degrees, these homemade patties are not as firmly shaped and tends to break easily, therefore much better to cook them in the oven. Once shaped put +/- 3 teaspoons of the marinade over each pattie to give it a nice brown colour. I bake the patties untill cooked on one side and only turn them once carefully, brush with another spoon of Lappies sauce once turned.

While the patties are cooking make the topping:

Cut one thick slice of tomato per pattie.
Slice mozzarella cheese in thick slices, about 2 per pattie.
Onion Marmalade – (i use the Woolworths one – nice and sweet and not like a marmalade at all, more like an onion jam)

Once cooked, take the patties out of the oven and place them on top of the roll on a oven tray, top with one thick slice of fresh tomato and about 2 slices of mozzarella cheese.

Put the tray with bottom halves and topped patties back in the oven for about 2 minutes untill the cheese is just melted.

Remove from the oven as soon as the cheese is melted and top with about 5 ml of onion marmalade.

PLEASE don’t make these burgers without the Onion Marmalade, it is a MUST, you will get a taste sensation which will surprise you biting into these ……, the soft roll, the salty soft pattie, the fresh tomato, the just melted cheese and then, the sweet onion marmalade, it just cannot get better than this…

Serve with chips or wedges on pretty wooden plates, pretty pretty…

5 thoughts on “Burgers with a twist…

  1. seegogga says:

    klink absoluut heerlik! miskien moet jy my eendag nooi!

  2. Liezel F says:

    Lekker!! Gaan beslis maak.

  3. Derick Burger says:

    Die ‘Burgers’ hou van ‘twist’. Ek stem saam, lyk baie lekker.

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